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Books on Writing

On Writing by Stephen King. A book of writing tips as well as a literary memoir of what makes a good writer from the master storyteller. This is a book that the aspiring writer cannot afford to miss for its insights into the writing craft and Stephen King’s story telling knowledge. View on Amazon.

Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. The bestselling book about the dos and don’ts of punctuation. Often humourous, always readable, and very informative. A must for those who aren’t keen on editors scrawling all over their masterpiece!
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Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook  - The essential book for new writers. A comprehensive directory of publishers as well as all the essential articles on writing fiction and non-fiction, approaching publishers, getting an agent, correcting proofs, copyright and libel law, marketing, self-publishing, and much more. Masses more free advice and information on       View on Amazon 

Childrens’ Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook  - The comprehensive guide to markets in all areas of the children's media, completely revised and updated, with a foreword by award-winning writer Jacqueline Wilson. The emphasis is on giving the aspiring writer and illustrator knowledge of the children's market in all areas. 
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Is there a book in you? - Many people feel they might have a book in them - but how do you know whether you have what it takes to be a writer, whether your writing is any good, what you should write about and whether you should dedicate proper time to begin your dream? Alison Baverstock asks pertinent questions of you via a questionnaire to help you discover whether there is a talented writer in you. View on Amazon

An Author’s Guide to Publishing - In this fully revised edition, Michael Legat has updated and expanded the information which established An Author's Guide to Publishing as a standard work. With even more coverage of legal matters - copyright, libel and contracts - as well as book fairs and writers' conferences, this indispensible guide is now more comprehensive than ever. View on Amazon.

Writing for Pleasure and Profit - If you want to be a writer this is the book for you! Following the success of An Author's Guide to Publishing, Michael Legat has now produced a truly practical guide to the craft of writing. Brimming with useful advice and tips it warns against common pitfalls and teaches you how to adopt a professional attitude towards your work. Chapters cover such aspects of writing as the novel, short stories, non-fiction, articles, poetry, plays, radio and television scripts - even children's books. View on Amazon


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