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Our Simple Guide to Getting Started on YouWriteOn is displayed further below. This details the steps for how you participate. You can also view our most frequently asked questions section by clicking on the following link: frequently asked questions section.

How YouWriteOn works - Development  and Competition Periods
YouWriteOn's premise is simple: Members upload novel excerpts or short stories.  To receive feedback, you review a  story excerpt - assigned at random by our system – and you are reviewed in return.   After 4 reviews a story enters our book charts – you see how members rated elements such as characters and story.

Editor Critiques Competition Months- 2019 All the Top Ten stories listed on the 1st of each month from October 2018 to December 2019 will be considered and editors from Penguin Random House and Bloomsbury will provide editor critiques to ten authors from all the entries in that period that are considered to have the most promise.

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The Simple Guide to Getting Started on

The Simple Guide to Getting Started on

The aim of is to help all new writers develop and to help talented writers get noticed and published.

To get started simply:

·          Join for free

·          Upload Chapter Extracts or Short Stories – novel chapter extracts must be fiction chapters between 5,000 to 7,000 words – they can be from one or more chapters - and fiction short stories between 2,000 to 5,000 words, to qualify for the YouWriteOn Top Ten.

 ·          You can upload more than one set of chapters as separate uploads, or from different stories.

·          Your chapters once uploaded will be automatically sent out for review to another member.

·          You can view your ratings after four reviews. You need 4 reviews to enter our chart system. Once you receive your first review, request a Reading Assignment of another members story on your My Page to receive more reviews. Each story you review will award you a reading credit and earn a review back for your story in turn. Assign your reading credits to your stories by clicking on the 'Manage My Reading Credits' button on your My Page. Each time you assign a reading credit it will automatically send your story out for review 

·          You can remove one unrepresentative review and rating every THREE assignment reviews 

·          You can edit your story and synopsis as you develop your work through feedback. Click on the pen symbol next to your story on your My Page to edit your story 

·          You can request 3 different Reading Assignments and remove one Reading Assignment every 24 hours. Click on the remove button next to a Reading Assignment on your My Page to remove it from your reading list - the story will then be sent out to another reviewer

·          The Top 5 chapters/stories each month enter our Best Sellers Chart. The YouWriteOn Best Sellers Chart is a showcase for the highest rated stories on site. See the Top Ten and Best Seller Chart rules on our Top Ten page for details of the chart rules and how stories enter the Top Ten and Best Seller charts

We wish all new writers every success with their stories.   

To view our frequently asked questions section, click on the following link: frequently asked questions section


If you've ever wondered what your book will look like in print as a bookstore quality paperback, is a separate paperback publishing site which was programmed with Arts Council funding. authors have achieved Amazon top ten paperback places, and every 4 months the highest selling FeedARead books receive feedback from the publishers of bestselling authors such as Dan Brown, JK Rowling, and Ian Rankin to help talented writers develop further. Authors can also choose paid distribution options to appear on Amazon too. Please visit for any queries.


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Book Details

Title :  Story Title

Author : Author Name

Genre : Story Genre(s)

Date Uploaded : Upload Date

Rating : 4.1 star rating  Click here to view Ratings Breakdown 

Rating : Best Seller Chart Book

Synopsis  Story Synopsis 

What do you want to do next?

Ratings Breakdown

Is this book a popular or cult success? View the Ratings Breakdown below to see if this author's writing has a mainstream or niche audience.


Ratings Breakdown Sample for a highly rated story

Outlined below is a breakdown of this book title’s ratings on, based on 24 reviews from members randomly assigned the book chapters.

Authors can use their ratings breakdown to help assess how members view their writing. If authors are well rated, they can also use their ratings breakdown to help interest publishing professionals.

This book's Overall Rating from All Reviewers 

4.1 star rating       Close Breakdown of this book's Overall Rating



Story (plot)


Pace & structure


Use of language


Narrative Voice






Themes & ideas


The display above shows the average marks given by all readers of the sample chapters.



Story (plot)


Pace & structure


Use of language


Narrative Voice






Themes & ideas

The display above shows the individual marks given by readers of the sample chapters. Each number in each star above represents how many people marked that facet.

For example, if there is the number 3 in the fourth star next to 'Story' above, that means that 3 people gave the Story 4 stars.

This Book's Ratings from Fans of its Book Genre

This section helps to reveal how readers who like this book's genre rated the book. This may be useful in establishing if there is a readership for the book amongst fans of the genre.

3.9 star rating       Show Breakdown of this Book's Genre Fan Ratings














































































































































































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