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Book of the Year 2012 << Back Book of the Year Award Winners 2012.

Many congratulations to the YouWriteOn Book of The Year Award Winners 2012 - displayed below. Winners & Finalists who have developed their novels on youwriteon have achieved book deals with world leading publishers as a result - including Penguin, Random House, Orion, Harper Collins, Hodder & Stoughton and Little Brown.  A Special Achievement Award this year also goes to  Michael Logan, author of Terry Pratchett First Novel Award Winner Apocalypse Cow who developed his opening chapters on Michael sends his thanks to members, "Thanks to youwriteon members who helped me completely re-jig the start and make it much stronger."

We believe that as the winners and bestseller chart finalists for 2012 develop and complete their stories that they will have great opportunities and do very well too. YouWriteOn sends many congratulations to all the winners and finalists, and wishes all participants every success.

The Book of the Year Award 2012 Winners & Finalists

All of the following Winners were considered from all of the highest rated stories that entered the bestseller chart in 2011 as rated by fellow site members, each youwriteon bestseller chart story from 2011 has the distinction of being a YouWriteOn Book of the Year Award Finalist. Click here to go to the pages to view their story excerpts, or you can view the YWO bestsellers chart via the link on the homepage which is searchable by month and year for all the finalists from the YWO bestsellers chart for 2011.

Adult Fiction Winners

1. Divine Affairs by John Dylan  Click to view
A powerful interstellar company, whose success is attributable to its exclusive access to valuable resources on thousands of planets, is often mistaken for a god by the clueless inhabitants of those planets. A rival company decides to reveal to those poor deceived souls the true nature of their exploitative deity.

2. The Eve Nation by Laurinda Luffman  Click to view

When a virus decimates the planet's male population, you might be expecting a bleak world. You'd be wrong. Forty years later, women have mobilised into a hard-working hierarchy, inspired by their World War forbears. And some will do anything to protect this new maiden order.

3. World War Me by Kevin M. McGreer     Click to view

Jack is dead, but not over. Imprisoned with the other lost souls in an asylum-like afterlife, he must fight the powers that be, and his own inner demons, to keep what remains of his sanity. But to what end? His freedom? Or his damnation?

4. Soul's Child by Dianne Gray          Click to view

After an accident, Aurora is left in a wheelchair and draws predictions of death and destruction. Her father steals her pictures and becomes a famous television psychic and ghost hunter. But Aurora knows he’s a fake and is treading a deadly path that can only end in the ultimate disaster.

5. Society of Seers by Karen Milner          Click to view

Willow has the gift of second sight and knows she is in danger. She needs to escape her adoptive parents and find her real mother, Anya. However, the more Willow discovers, the more she worries that the only thing she'll find is her mother's grave.


Special Achievement Award Special Achievement Award  this year goes to Michael Logan, author of Apocalypse Cow who developed his opening chapters on youwriteon and went on to win the first Terry Pratchett First Novel Award. View on Amazon

Childrens' Fiction Winners

1. 365 Rooms by Mike Hanson  Click to view

365 Rooms is a story about a wizard and a witch who want to adopt an 11 year old boy. To make him happy they've built him 365 fun-packed rooms to explore...only the rooms contain more than anyone bargained for.

2. Out of Body by C S Abrahams     Click to view

After a troubled past, sixteen year old Iris is finally getting her life back together. But then she meets Tobey, a stranger who seems to know a lot of her secrets. Tobey has a secret too and once revealed, there is no going back for Iris.

3. Treasure, This by Kay Leitch       Click to view

Aunt Ellie is a sweet old lady. So when Addison finds a dead body in her garden shed, she thinks someone else must have put it there. But then she learns about the one under the lilac bush...

4. Sally & Jack by Christopher Roy Denton            Click to view

It’s 1787. Sally is a sixteen-year-old slave from Virginia. Jack is a seventeen-year-old homeless orphan from Lincolnshire. Together they change the course of history.

5. Dragonflu by Rachel J Turner         Click to view

Twelve year old Finnerty knows that he must never cross the forbidden borders of Wyvern Bay. But with the outbreak of a deadly virus spreading northwards from the city, there is nowhere else left to run.

Examples of Previous Book of the Year Award Winners' success stories.

The Legacy, YouWriteOn Book of the Year 2009. Discovered on youwriteon by Orion after being highly rated by members. Orion published the novel by Katherine Webb and it became an Amazon top 3 bestseller in 2010. Voted the winner of the Channel 4 TV Book Club's 2010 Summer Reads.

Katherine Webb, “It's taken ten years and seven completed novels, but, thanks to YouWriteOn, I I have just signed a two book deal with Orion! The Legacy received tremendous support from all those who read and reviewed it on YouWriteOn .. A huge thank you to everyone who commented.”

Caligula by Douglas Jackson, achieved a six-figure book deal with Random House after developing on

Doug Jackson: ", for example, I just stumbled on when I hadn't a clue about where to go next with the book. They gave me the breakthrough and taught me how to take criticism. It's as if a switch has been flipped. I know that I'll write from now on .. Then that took me to the next step, and if anyone knows anything about historical fiction, it's Sarah O'Keefe at Orion. I remember when she told me I needed to rework the book that I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I knew that if I could it would take me to a completely different level as a writer."

YouWriteOn Book of the Year Award winner Bufflehead Sisters by Patricia J. DeLois. Published by in 2007, the novel went on to become a bestseller in the author's home state of Maine and was named the best novel of the year by a leading newspaper there, ahead of a former Pulitzer prize winner. The novel was then taken on and published by Penguin as a result.

YouWriteOn Book of the Year Winner 2010 The Apothecary's Daughter by Charlotte Betts. Discovered on by the literary agent for bestselling series The Princess Diaries after she browsed the bestseller charts, the novel is published in 2012 by Little Brown, publisher of books such as The Twilight series.

Charlotte Betts: "The Apothecary's Daughter will be published summer 2012. This is the realisation of a dream for me and I will always be grateful to YouWriteOn and its members, not only for the valuable feedback but for the opportunity to allow my work to be displayed and then discovered. Thank you to everyone who helped me to improve my writing."

YouWriteOn Book Award Winner The Afrika Reich by Guy Saville, our first book award winner, achieved publishing success in 2012 with Hodder, publishers of authors such as Stephen King. Guy's novel has been described as 'Fatherland for an action movie age' (Daily Telegraph) and 'A thoroughly enjoyable and compelling read' (Sun ).

YouWriteOn Children's Book of The Year Winner The Third Pig Detective Agency by Bob Burke. After developing his story on, Bob was published by by leading publisher Harper Collins, and received the Ellis Dillion Award at the Bisto Book Awards, which has previously recognised authors such as Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer.

The Judging This year's Book of the Year Awards 2012 saw many exceptional novel openings and short stories. Each of the winners and finalists carried their readers along with the unique worlds they created to be rated the highest rated stories on YouWriteOn from the entries for 2011. It was a very hard choice to decide between the stories, and the site's personal judging choice, but what each story has in common, whether a winner or finalist, is that they were each entries to the YouWriteOn BestSellers Chart, voted there by their peers.

Equally, we believe there were many highly rated stories that did not make the BestSeller Chart but which we believe will find success too. We thank every member for their contributions. What makes the site is the contributions and constructive feedback from members to help develop their writing and other members work which gives some great stories to be enjoyed both by site readers, and also to enter the wider world of literature for all readers to enjoy.

An extremely big thank you to all our new writer members who uploaded their chapters for feedback during the qualifying year of 2011 and exchanged constructive reviews. Thank you to all our literary professionals as well, who provided free professional critiques each month for YouWriteOn's highest rated members, including editors from leading publishers Random House and Orion.




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