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YouWriteOn Book of the Year 2013 << Back Book of the Year Award Winners 2013

Many congratulations to the YouWriteOn Book of The Year Award Winners 2013 - displayed below with book excerpts to view. 2013 Overall Winner 'A Kill in the Morning' by Graeme Shimmin joins the previous YouWriteOn book award winners who have achieved mainstream publishing successes. Graeme will be published in 2014 by Transworld, publisher of authors such as Terry Pratchett and Dan Brown.

Graeme sends the following thanks to his youwriteon reviewers for their feedback: “I did find the YouWriteOn process useful and changed the first few chapters quite substantially based on the feedback I received. It was also a big morale boost when I won the Book of the Month. If you want to get published, your first draft is just one step in the process; the next is getting feedback and really listening it. I found YouWriteOn to be the best critique website and I improved the opening chapters of my novel substantially based on the reviews I received. YouWriteOn helped me get published, no question.”

Winners & Finalists who have developed their novels on youwriteon have achieved book deals with world leading publishers as a result - including Penguin, Random House, Orion, Harper Collins, Hodder & Stoughton and Little Brown.

The YouWriteOn Book Awards 2013

1. Overall Winner  A Kill in the Morning  Author : Graeme Shimmin    Read Opening Chapters

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Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: "I don’t like killing, but I’m good at it. Murder isn't so bad from a distance, just shapes in my sight. Close up work though, the garrotte around the neck, the knife in the heart, it’s not for me. Too much empathy, that’s my problem. Usually. But not today. Today is different. "

Genre : Novel, Thriller

An alternate history espionage thriller set in the fifties, during a cold war between Britain and Nazi Germany. Driven by revenge, a rogue British agent attempts to assassinate notorious Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich, but, on reaching Heydrich’s lair, everything he thinks he knows about the world is brought into question.

2. Title : The Grape's Joy
Author : Patrick Hilyer    Genre : Mystery, Novel, General Fiction

Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: "I wondered, as I often did in my darker moments, when the third death would strike. These things always come in threes, like the chimes of the angelus that rang clearly over the empty valley to announce midday."

Jeanne Valeix is the owner of a struggling winery in Saint-Emilion. A handful of people will change her life completely. But not all her visitors are who they claim to be. All she needs to do is find out who's telling the truth, rescue her business and solve a murder.

3. Title : French Train Author : Pat Dobie    Genre : Historical, Literary Fiction, Novel

Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: "“It’s the visa stamps,” Ferguson said. “Look. Here’s my name.” He pointed with a smudged and trembling finger. The light was not dim after all. Now that his eyes had adjusted he could see the individual hairs on the backs of the agent’s hands and the ridges on his thumbnails."

Alec Ferguson desperately needs a fresh start, and he's got one: an assignment to cover the 1889 Paris International Exhibition. Things go wrong, however, when Ferguson meets an old friend and becomes embroiled with the ruthless and amoral Thomas Edison in a race to patent the world’s first motion-picture camera.

4. Title : To Butcher: To Bleed  
Author : R. J. Brown    Genre : Crime, Historical, Mystery, Novel

Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: "My aunt knew better than anyone that once a man discovers a few unexpected gems within a whore’s mind he can’t wait to get inside her knickers to find out what might be lurking up there too."

It's 1888 and a British government agent is slaughtering women in London's East End. His aim? To implicate Irish leader, Parnell, in horrific Fenian crimes. Prostitute, Rosa Moran, is at the centre of the intrigue, fighting to preserve Ireland’s hopes of Home Rule as well as her own life.

5. Title : Becoming Jack
Author : Jonathan Skinner   Genre : Novel, General Fiction

Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: "Jack would be a neurosurgeon or a bullion dealer, dating models called Trixie or Selina. Or living off goat meat in the desert while disabling nuclear missiles. Or splashing around in a frogsuit tracking Russian submarines. Jack certainly wouldn't be ironing his underpants. Or living in Dulwich."

Bored with his mediocre existence and dismal prospects, Roger Broadbent decides he no longer wants to be Roger Broadbent. But is it possible to wipe out all traces of his current life and metamorphose into somebody else? Inspiring role models are thin on the ground. Until Roger remembers Jack…

Teenage Fiction / Children’s Fiction  Winners for 2013 are:

1. Title : Jacob Groat & the Ghosts of Warehouse 33
Author : Mike Hanson

Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: "At 8:27 he panics. They haven’t tracked it down. It’s still on the loose. He can feel his room closing in on him and is suddenly aware of his breathing, and his heartbeat. "

Twelve year old Jacob Groat has waited a long time to begin his education at Warehouse 33. Unfortunately, his first year of guardian angel training is not quite going to plan

Author : Bill Scott

Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: " It's not every day someone dies in Mr. Sample's sixth period physics class. I guess if Freddie Johnson were telling this story, she'd say, "It's not every day you kill your best friend in the Samp's sixth period physics class." "

Electrocuted in sixth period physics lab, sixteen-year-old Margaret Ethel is given two options — go to Heaven or return to Earth to save the girl who killed her.

3. Title : Jack Par(r)
Author : David Llewellyn

Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: "I knew it! Matt had set Tikka up. He’d probably stolen the squid this morning and... And I bet he’d tried to colour it in at break, to make it look like a vampire squid. That would explain the black marks. Only Matt would be dumb enough to try to colour in a squid."

Jack is adrift in the middle of everywhere. When you are bright enough to ask the questions but not so clever to understand the answers, the world can be a difficult place. And as everyone knows, the world is just a metaphor for school.

4. Title : NUMBERED   
Author : Bill Scott

Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: " I was happy to get on my bike and go, but nervous about seeing Mom and Dad. I knew they were going to be numbered. It seemed like everybody was and I was the only one that could see it. "

Deranged teenager or prophet? Jacob is hearing voices and seeing numbers. The numbers could be the key to catching a killer or they could get Jacob locked away for life.

5. Title : Earth Child
Author : Tony Groom

Read Opening Chapters

Read Feed: "Our planet is beset by a cataclysmic disaster. One in a million 4 year olds survives their first years on their own. Those numbers reduce, year on year until they mature, until they find a way to exist, to stay alive. They must all survive. As far as they know, they 'are' the human race."

Imagine a world with no adults. Imagine a world where no one is above the age of twelve. Four children find each other and become companions. They strike out on the biggest and only adventure of their short and turbulent lives.

Examples of Previous Book of the Year Award Winners' success stories.

The Legacy, YouWriteOn Book of the Year 2009. Discovered on youwriteon by Orion after being highly rated by members. Orion published the novel by Katherine Webb and it became an Amazon top 3 bestseller in 2010. Voted the winner of the Channel 4 TV Book Club's 2010 Summer Reads.

Katherine Webb, “It's taken ten years and seven completed novels, but, thanks to YouWriteOn, I I have just signed a two book deal with Orion! The Legacy received tremendous support from all those who read and reviewed it on YouWriteOn .. A huge thank you to everyone who commented.”

Caligula by Douglas Jackson, achieved a six-figure book deal with Random House after developing on

Doug Jackson: ", for example, I just stumbled on when I hadn't a clue about where to go next with the book. They gave me the breakthrough and taught me how to take criticism. It's as if a switch has been flipped. I know that I'll write from now on .. Then that took me to the next step, and if anyone knows anything about historical fiction, it's Sarah O'Keefe at Orion. I remember when she told me I needed to rework the book that I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I knew that if I could it would take me to a completely different level as a writer."

YouWriteOn Book of the Year Award winner Bufflehead Sisters by Patricia J. DeLois. Published by in 2007, the novel went on to become a bestseller in the author's home state of Maine and was named the best novel of the year by a leading newspaper there, ahead of a former Pulitzer prize winner. The novel was then taken on and published by Penguin as a result.

YouWriteOn Book of the Year Winner 2010 The Apothecary's Daughter by Charlotte Betts. Discovered on by the literary agent for bestselling series The Princess Diaries after she browsed the bestseller charts, the novel is published in 2012 by Little Brown, publisher of books such as The Twilight series.

Charlotte Betts: "The Apothecary's Daughter will be published summer 2012. This is the realisation of a dream for me and I will always be grateful to YouWriteOn and its members, not only for the valuable feedback but for the opportunity to allow my work to be displayed and then discovered. Thank you to everyone who helped me to improve my writing."

YouWriteOn Book Award Winner The Afrika Reich by Guy Saville, our first book award winner, achieved publishing success in 2012 with Hodder, publishers of authors such as Stephen King. Guy's novel has been described as 'Fatherland for an action movie age' (Daily Telegraph) and 'A thoroughly enjoyable and compelling read' (Sun ).

YouWriteOn Children's Book of The Year Winner The Third Pig Detective Agency by Bob Burke. After developing his story on, Bob was published by by leading publisher Harper Collins, and received the Ellis Dillion Award at the Bisto Book Awards, which has previously recognised authors such as Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer.

The Judging This year's Book of the Year Awards 2013 saw many exceptional novel openings and short stories. Each of the winners and finalists carried their readers along with the unique worlds they created to be rated the highest rated stories on YouWriteOn from the entries for 2012. It was a very hard choice to decide between the stories, and the site's personal judging choice, but what each story has in common, whether a winner or finalist, is that they were each entries to the YouWriteOn BestSellers Chart, voted there by their peers.

Equally, we believe there were many highly rated stories that did not make the BestSeller Chart but which we believe will find success too. We thank every member for their contributions. What makes the site is the contributions and constructive feedback from members to help develop their writing and other members work which gives some great stories to be enjoyed both by site readers, and also to enter the wider world of literature for all readers to enjoy.

An extremely big thank you to all our new writer members who uploaded their chapters for feedback during the qualifying year of 2012 and exchanged constructive reviews. Thank you to all our literary professionals as well, who provided free professional critiques each month for YouWriteOn's highest rated members, including editors from leading publishers Random House and Orion. - Publish your book as a high quality paperback.

Free Publishing Options - click here to join for free enables authors to publish their books for free as bookstore quality paperbacks with high royalties.

"FeedARead never ceases to amaze and surprise me with its total professional approach and yet one-to-one attention to detail, always being there when I need them most ... very professional, always ... very supportive ...”
Janine Harrington, author of Betrayed and founder of the charity LIFELINE.

"The book's just arrived and I'm very pleased - I was made aware of FeedARead via the Writers' Guild - I'm very glad about that. It's a really professional job."
Kevin McCann, author of It’s Gone Dark.

"Dear Team, I have received my author copy of the above book and it looks fantastic." J E Christer, author of Ellie.

"I have checked and approved my book..."HOMEWARD BOUND" .. My sincere thanks for a wonderful service and beautiful Publication."  Sue Martin, author of Homeward Bound.

"FeedARead certainly provide a high quality product. The glossy cover is crisp and professional. The binding is solid and durable. The paper is thick and luxuriant. Most importantly, the text is clear and easy to read. My camera isn’t good enough to show quite how sharp the printing really is, but this should give you the general idea. View Author's Blog 27th July 2012 entry In short, FeedARead have produced something that rivals any commercial paperback. I am pleased – as I hope you will be, gentle reader, should you find space on your bookshelf for a copy."  J.D.G. Leaver, author of IUMENTUM.

"I have received the new version of Pool Of Deceit. It looks great! Thank you to you - and the FeedaRead team for all of your efforts in helping create the finished product. Please can you go ahead and make the new version available on Amazon, FeedaRead etc. etc. Many, many thanks.”
John Kemp, author of Pool Of Deceit.

“This is my email to tell you that I approve of my proof copy of "Seesaw". Please go ahead with the distribution. I am delighted by how quickly the proof copy was printed and how rapidly it made it to me doorstep. Also, I am very impressed with the level of customer service.”
Rosen Trevithick, author of Seesaw.

“The team have been supportive, professional and assisted a total novice into a world of achieving my aim. My first book is now published and is being ordered, read, and enjoyed. The comments I have received are that the people are amazed at the quality of the book and are delighted with the ease of the ordering process and the speed of delivery. Thank you feedaread for all your help to date. I have achieved more than I had ever thought was possible."
Chris Jackson, author of Brighter than a star.

"I have just received my book, 'Alexine and Simon' through the post and have to say I am delighted with the work done by FeedARead. Thank you so much for your help patience and understanding during the time I was putting my book together."
  Andrea Humphrey, author of Alexine and Simon.

"I must say that the feedback i have had so far from purchasers as to the service they have received is absolutely first rate. I cannot thank you guys enough for all your help and support. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!!!!!"
Steve Venables, author of IRONBARK.

“Dear Team,
Thanks for the first copy of my book "Searching for Omar" which I am really pleased with and the cover from one of your templates is really appropriate. You've done a super job!”
Anna Lawrence, author of Searching for Omar

“Just to let you know the first copy of my book "The Rainbow Serpent" arrived today. I am more than pleased with the quality.”
Harry Dodgson, author of The Rainbow Serpent.

“The self-publication process at FeedARead is simplicity itself. Given a clean Word file, cover design and text, it can take less than an hour to compile an attractive paperback. What's more it's free and the product is superb. The printed book quality is consistent with any best-seller offered at bookshops. Technical support and professional assistance from FeedARead is responsive, helpful and very professional. This is self-publishing at its best.”
Geoffrey Mann - Author of In Pieces.

“Hi team, I have just received my books and they awesome. Even better than I expected. Thanks for doing a great job.”
Arthur Ivor Jones, author of Bear Mountain and The Asian Connection

“Thanks for the latest and final version of Block. It is perfect. I would now like to approve it for bookseller distribution.”
D. D. Ruby, author of Block.

“Thanks for the message - I've checked it out on the site and hit the 'Go' button!
It looks great to me! Oh, and thanks so much for doing such a sterling job, too. The upload process is a complete doddle, and I'm in the middle-of-nowhere with a tiny download speed. Thanks a hell of a lot for doing such a great job!”
Paul A. Rice, author of Tears in Tripoli

“I have received my copies of Madame Liberté and am very pleased with the quality.”
Audrey Reimann, author of Madame Liberté.

 “I am really impressed with FeedARead - the service has been excellent and can I see that my book is on Amazon already.” Ruth Mancini, author of Swimming Upstream

“A big thank you for processing my order so rapidly. The books ordered on the 26th arrived an hour ago [which is a really rapid turn around for an order]. Many thanks again.”
Sue Jenkins, author of The Kookaburra Bird.

“I have received the first copy for checking and love the print quality.”
Linn B Halton, author of Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy

“Thank you for a great job on the book.”
Stuart Peirara, author of South Atlantic Soldier

“En masse the books look great - and individually. Anyway, this is to say a hearty THANK YOU to you and all the team at FAR, especially for your patience with the second version. I am delighted to receive my book, and I love the cover design.”
M M Lee, author of As Time Passes

“From sending my manuscript to receiving my book for approval the feedaread team guided me through every part of the process finishing with a highly professional book in which I am elated with. Big thanks to all the feedaread team.”
Michael A Jarvis, author of Keys to the Past

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for the job you've done with my book.”
Joseph Emoyon, author of Across the Sahara

“My author copies of Strictly Shagging arrived yesterday and once again, I am thrilled with them. Please proceed with distribution.”
Robyn Millar, author of Strictly Shagging.

“I have just received the first copy of my book, and I am very happy with it. The print and paper quality, binding and cover colour and quality all look great to me! I couldn't wish for better. Thank you so much for your part in this - you and the printers have done a great job.”
Joy Kenward, author of Archibald Fly: The Thegn's Daughter

“You published two of my books ('Loose Cannon' and 'Rude Awakening') about 12 months ago, and you were very helpful and efficient. I now have another book ready to publish.”
Ian Okell, author of Charlie Chaplin’s Uncle.

“As soon as the interior checks out - I'll publish. I appreciate the speed and quality of your responses.”
Mac Logan, author of The Angel’s Share.

“I'm really impressed with the service you provide.”
Nicola Juncar, author of The Legend of Thornton Wood

“Hoping to keep all things consistent with the original, since you guys did such a great job of the cover.”
Shereen Pandit, author of A Burnt Child

“My word! What fun it is to be author, artist, and salesperson... and all rolled into one, thanks to FeedaRead publishing, whose website is friendly and whose skills are legendary.”
John Muir, author of Where The Bee Stings

“Copies of 'pre-1st edition' of Postcards arrived Dec 8. It's good to have hard copy in proper paperback book form to see how it looks and feels. Generally, very pleased but will make a few changes for proper 1st edition. Plan to have this sorted and back in FeedARead hands by Christmas. I think ReadAFeed is a cool way of getting something out there relatively simply and cheaply and will be interested in whether it works for me as a marketing vehicle.”
George Adams, author of Postcards

“I have received my copy of Love Gone Wrong ... WOW!! It looks absolutely fabulous!!”
Melissa J Grom, author of Love Gone Wrong.

“FAB FAB FAB Your publishing groove will inspire new writers to just do it . Many many thanks :)”
Saira Viola, author of Fast Food and Gin on the Lawn

“Dear FeedARead team,
Thank you for sending a copy of ‘The Broken Boots Guide to Astlavonia’ which I received on the 21st of December. It looks great. I am very happy with the quality.”
Nathan Braund, author of The Broken Boots Guide to Astlavonia’

“I must say my book looks absolutely amazing I can't thank you all enough.”
James Oldman, author of Superhighway.

"The books, Seal of Confession have arrived and they are of excellent quality."  
John Brownridge, author of Seal of Confession.

"What a wonderful job you did on my book." Barry James, The Fight For The West

"Thank you for your help which has so far been excellent."  Mike Shields, author of By Degrees.

"Just received my copy today, I am highly delighted with the overall appearance of the book. The cover looks fab!"  Angela Lambourne, author of A Safe Haven.

"I have just received my books .. You guys have done a really amazing job. I have read many thousands of books over the years but the quality of the print and binding of this book is outstanding."  Roneel Kumar, author of The Heir of the Cursed Kingdom

"I've received and checked my proof copy of Life : A Player's Guide. It looks just the way I wanted it! Thanks very much for your hard work and for answering all my questions." Jan Stone, author of Life : A Player's Guide

“Thanks for a seamless service - it has been a much better experience for me publishing with FeedARead.” Sue Cross, author of Tea at Sam's

“I have put a couple of my friends onto FeedARead. Think it;s brilliant.” Jackie Amor, author of Hannah's Home.

“Keep up the good work - I've recommended Feedaread to everybody and I know of 3 authors who will definitely be joining your ship.” Victoria Tweed, author of Morgan and the Martians

“I have received a paperback copy of my book Geek! Poems Because of the Music and I approve it for distribution. The quality, layout and presentation are all superb.” Joe Cushnan, author of Geek! Music Poems

“I've received and checked a printed copy of CHARISMA and I'm really pleased with it. Thank you very much for this great service. The quality of the printing is excellent and the whole process is straightforward and easy to follow." Deb Thompson, author of Charisma.

"I wanted to approve the copy paperback for my novel EggHead and I was considerably impressed with the quality of the paperback." Lawrence Estrey, author of EggHead

"I picked up the copies yesterday and must say again how impressed I am with the quality of the book cover and interior. I have changed my preferences so that the book can be purchased through FAR." Richard M Cavillon , author of The Crusader's Arms

"Huge thanks once again for a superb product! I have received my copy of Angel Breaths and am thrilled with it! As with all the others I love the colour of the creme pages and I am pleased with how the cover has come out." Sherrie Lowe, author of Angel Breaths

“.. the books look absolutely fabulous, even better than I expected, Thank You so much..” Solomon Strange, author of The Ebethusa

“The book is amazing quality, very well designed and printed..” Joe Cushnan, author of Belfast Backlash

“Just wanted to say that I received my copy of ANGEL HEART in the post and am really impressed with the way it looks .. top quality in appearance. Thanks to the team at feedaread for al
l the work they put in! :)” A L Bell, author of Angel Heart.

“I did another 'poetry' day in a school today and sold a load of books - would never have been possible without FAR so thanks!” Paul Delaney, author of I'm fed up!

“I have just had a book published with FeedARead called "little Timmy's travels" and I have ordered and received my first authors copy and I am well pleased with it as it looks very impressive, indeed to be honest I am over the moon with the result.”  John Leneghan , author of little Timmy's travels.

“I received my copy of Jason Willow 2 today and I am thrilled with it. Thank you for running such an efficient and high quality system ..” G C Mottram, author of Jason Willow 2.



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