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The Nine Lives of Antoine Montvoisin - rewrite
by Angela Elliott Historical, Literary Fiction 29 Nov 2017
One man's desire to survive his wife's attempts to kill him, and to win her love. Set in 17th century Paris.

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The Story of Nash Rivers (Edited)
by JSVD Thriller, General Fiction 10 Sep 2017
Being born into a high profile, affluent family, to the outside world, Nash Rivers appears to have the perfect life. Yet behind closed doors, it is a very different story...

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Love Meetings in Tuscany
by Lill A. Gubben Literary Fiction 05 Dec 2016
Does every ardent applicant draw the short straw when love and passion detour from well-trampled trails? A somewhat bumpy ride for the not too bigoted with a solid bum to jolt on.

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The Mirror Fixer
by Gilad Fogel Short Story, Mystery, Fantasy, General Fiction 02 Oct 2017
A young man covets the knowledge of a mysterious old man. A case of the sorcerer's apprentice

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Death by Buddha (A short story)
by Tom Tuohy Short Story, General Fiction 27 Oct 2013
A drunken expat has fallen on hard times but discovers a way to take charge of his life once again.

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Letters to my Agent.
by James Sloane Comedy, Literary Fiction 11 Sep 2017
Through a variety of letters an aspiring author attempts to convince a literary agent of his unique talents.

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Charlie Mac
by Maria McDonald Literary Fiction 15 Feb 2018
Charlie and Mary Jane had a mixed marriage in a sectarian city. Theirs is not a story of rebellion and heroism, of freedom fighters or socialists; their story is not a love story. This is just an ordinary tale of ordinary people trying to live their lives in extraordinary times.

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The Slightest Chance
by Paul Letters Adventure, Historical, Literary Fiction, Novel, Romance, Thriller 07 Mar 2016
Like marital status, a name is not always for life. A new name, a new persona. In war, we find out who we really are. Based on real events in Hong Kong, 1941.

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Lucy's lies
by T.Church Short Story, General Fiction 30 Jul 2015
The fate of a young girl's loose talk.

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by Simon Totten Short Story, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction 14 May 2017
Taken from ‘Nostradamus nightmares’ a collection of dark prophecies, set in 2039, 'Exodus’ predicts an Apocalyptic world in which climate change forces the Chadwick family to flee their home in search of a space shuttle to transport them off the planet. The race for survival is on.

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