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YouWriteOn alternates Development Months for writing with Competition Months. Development months are solely member to member feedback to help develop writing. In Competition Months, the highest rated writers receive feedback from publishers such as Random House and Orion who publish bestselling authors such as Dan Brown and James Patterson.

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Witches' Stitches
by David Holland Comedy, Crime, Mystery 13 Dec 2018
When private detective Lex Dryden finds a dead cat nailed to his front door along with a warning to stay away from a woman he has never heard of, he knows it's going to be an interesting Halloween.

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What do dogs dream of?
by Donn Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Novel, Fantasy 20 Sep 2018
A funny, acerbic - undoubtedly twisted - tale of accidental murder, failed suicide, a dead author with an unfinished book, and a dog who dreams - against a background of social collapse and climate chaos, and a super smart young woman who wants to make a LGBTI horror movie of it all. A picaresque, funny-but-serious novel of Gothic dimensions.

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Tarn Tales (Revised)
by Stuart Martin Short Story, Comedy, General Fiction 01 Feb 2018
The Meadows family take a holiday in the Tarn district, and put The Entente Cordiale under some strain. Will Anglo-French relations survive the trip?

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by Eamon O'Leary Short Story, General Fiction 06 Aug 2018
Beware the Fairy Ring!

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Running Into Shadows
by MScott Literary Fiction, Novel, Womens Fiction, General Fiction 17 Feb 2015
After an impoverished upbringing in a small, Ohio farm town Sidney Horvath has grown into a successful woman with the ideal family and career. Her life is interrupted when her dying father finds her, meeting her for the first time. Can she forgive the man she was raise to despise?

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Eleven Postcards
by T.J.Spears Children's Fiction, Novel 16 Jul 2018
On his eleventh birthday Marcus finds out he has a half-brother and two half sisters in America. The problem is his mother has promised his father there will be no contact. There is more than one reason why Marcus is not prepared to accept that!

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Love over Gold
by Stephanie Gwladferth Romance 14 Nov 2018
The Tokyo Olympics, 2020. Diane Fletcher, British Hockey Goalkeeper, wants to win Olympic Gold. Only one woman stands between her and victory: Katrien de Wolf, the Netherlands' star forward. But they’re more than just rivals – they’re also lovers. And for one to win gold, the others' dream must be destroyed.

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The Latent Seed
by mike2348uk Historical, Science Fiction 26 Mar 2018
When two universes converge, the laws of nature change. An old evil is reborn causing chaos. A young man, who suffers from hallucinations, believes he is the descendant of an ancient alien, and the only one who can thwart the coming of chaos.

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by Jon Lewis-Fallows Action, Adventure, Comedy, Literary Fiction, Novel, General Fiction 23 Sep 2018
An author spends some time on an island to try to kick start his life and career. However, he quickly learns that he has been abandoned, and for the first time in his life he has to rely on the one person who had so far let him down. Himself.

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by T.Church Short Story, General Fiction 29 Oct 2017
A retired scient's crazy solutions.

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