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Darkness in Their Hearts
by Lill A. Gubben Crime, Literary Fiction 09 Jul 2017
Is young African Nána Jao with Cerebral Palsy a pathological liar guilty of manslaughter and victim of child-abuse? So believes newly employed woman Detective Inspector Mary-Liz Churchyard with a PhD in Psychology. While sexual tension arises between the two the question remains: In which dead or alive bodies rest the Hearts of Darkness?

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Michael Brown and his Entourage
by Lill A. Gubben Literary Fiction 30 Jun 2017
A SLOW beginning of a portrait of a famous artist. NO STORY in the conventional sense. Not written to be primarily entertaining or likable but to give a view on how this famous artist coped with relationships and internal conflicts. Isolated Greek island 1964.

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Isaac - Chapter 2
by Gilad Fogel Novel, Science Fiction 15 Sep 2017
Chapter 2 of the Isaac novel. Chapter 1 is on this site too. See the text at the start of the story for the story so far… In a world known as New Earth, Abe, a father, has a life and death decision to make about his unusual son, Isaac

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The Domino Effect
by Stuart Warner Phelps Crime, Thriller 11 Aug 2017
A Detective Sergeant Towers crime story. Jane Grey slips into despair after problems at work. DS Towers becomes involved and is soon investigating a murder.

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Missing Sunny Day
by Emily Pattullo Crime, Mystery, Novel, Teenage Fiction, Womens Fiction, General Fiction 22 Sep 2017
Four people could have been the last to see Sunny Day before she goes missing, and as each narrates their version of events, slowly revealing the truth about each other, or what they believe to be the truth, it becomes clear that none of them actually knew Sunny at all.

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The Bullish Adventures Of Hereford Marmaduke Moo
by Graham Morgan Children's Fiction 10 Jun 2017
Looking for a purpose in life Hereford experiences a life changing event that gives his life new meaning. Dedicating himself to the pursuit of adventure, and trying to find new and exciting ways to fly Hereford boldly goes where no bull has gone before. Much to the dismay and entertainment of the other animals on Old Copse farm

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The Somali Camel Boy
by Nur Abdi Novel, General Fiction 25 Jun 2017
A young Camel boy comes to town after the enemy clan kills his father and raids his camels. He has nowhere else to go. Can he survive in town? Can he realize his dream of avenging the killing of his father?

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Gorodin Part 1:Exile
by Gregor James Action, Adventure, Novel, Fantasy, Thriller 02 Nov 2017
Two friends find themselves on the wrong side of the walls of the fabled desert city of Gorodin. In the first 2 chapters of this adventure/thriller novel, we learn how they came to be exiled, and why they have to get back in - it's not just their lives at stake... **Contains adult language**

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Sacred Seed
by Jeremy Rumfitt Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Thriller 15 Aug 2017
When the Sudarium Domini is stolen the Vatican calls in Alex Bowman to recover Christianity's most sacred and best document relic. But the Sudarium contains Christ's DNA and ancient DNA can be analysed and even replicated, and that could threaten the very survival of the Church.

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The Confessions of Simon Barlow
by Jeremy Rumfitt Crime, Mystery, Novel, Thriller 22 Aug 2017
When Simon Barlow's wife and her toy-boy lover become overnight celebrities he's offered a small fortune to write his memoirs. But can Simon tell it like it is or is he just making stuff up. And can a judge and jury tell the difference between truth and lies?

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