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Deadly Consequences
by Barry W Litherland Crime, Literary Fiction, Mystery, General Fiction 18 Feb 2017
Wayne and I have been friends, on and off, for years, way back to primary school. We have shared memories, not all of them good. Well, death isn't, is it? He's been away for years but now he's back and events are spiralling out of control once again.

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Slaves of God (Chapter 1)
by Peter Riddelsdell Adventure, Historical, Novel 08 Jan 2017
In 1860, Rector’s son Andrew Kellaway longs for adventure. Despite his lifelong religious scepticism, he joins a group of missionaries and sails for Africa but he finds a bigger adventure than he ever expected when the mission is attacked by slave traders, forcing a long and treacherous flight down a crocodile infested river.

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Whiteout (edited 27/03/17)
by Hannah Dunn Adventure, Children's Fiction, Fantasy 18 Jan 2017
Rhi lives in a village completely surrounded by a mysterious fog. As the balance of power within the ruling council starts to shift, he learns that everything is not at is seems, and that the outside world, long since thought lost, may in fact still exist.

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Working title - sugar
by Elke Short Story, Crime 07 Feb 2017
A young journalist investigates the death of a woman.

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Greg and I
by Stuart Warner Phelps Action, Comedy, Novel 17 Jan 2017
Gregory Sinclair Hay-Peters had his head full of the classics, Latin and other obscure works. My parents lived in the open spaces of Suffolk. Fate lent a hand and Greg and I were soon sharing a luxury two bed apartment. A comedy tale with intrigue and murder at its core.

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The Bureau
by Daisy Fraser Adventure, Historical, Novel, General Fiction 24 Jan 2017
Posh action-girl goes undercover as a housemaid to find the identity of a German spy. Will the domestic bureau used as her cover be open long enough to complete the mission? Since its new owner is more interested in finding a husband than running a business.

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The Nine Lives of Antoine Montvoisin
by Angela Elliott Historical, Literary Fiction 01 Sep 2016
In the Sun King’s Paris there lives a man named Antoine Montvoisin, whose sole desire is to see his wife’s eyes light up with love. Sadly, her desire is to see him dead. Somehow Antoine manages to survive eight attempts on his life, and in doing so, comes to the reluctant conclusion that he must be immortal.

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The Widow's Graveyard (Ch.29)
by Christine Power Historical, Novel, Thriller, General Fiction 27 Apr 2016
1858: gold rush hits Canada. Emily, besotted by Royal Engineer, follows him, stowing away on ‘bride ship’. Befriended by Rosie fleeing Irish famine and runaway slave, Sam, she’s stalked by avaricious ‘widow’, Angelica Thomas. Shunning help of native, Red, faces lynch mob, abduction, and collusion in mass murder.

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Finding Linda
by Ron A Sewell Action, Crime, Gay/Lesbian Fiction, Thriller 30 Jan 2017
Linda Liu is a pirate and on America’s most wanted list. A covert operation is activated, their task to find Linda. Middle East terrorists pay for her ship-stealing skills. The team uncovers the dark world of terrorism where the seeds of Armageddon have taken root. Whatever the cost, it must be stopped

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An Inconvenient Truth.
by Stuart Warner Phelps Novel, General Fiction 05 Apr 2016
Jack is a whistle blowing Scientist. An interfering troublemaker. Matt is a reporter, full of anger and resentment. Anne a reporter, writes a ‘show-biz’ column. Jack, Matt and Anne, an unlikely partnership to champion a cause. In the world of politics, truth is what you make it

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