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YouWriteOn alternates Development Months for writing with Competition Months. Development months are solely member to member feedback to help develop writing. In Competition Months, the highest rated writers receive feedback from publishers such as Random House and Orion who publish bestselling authors such as Dan Brown and James Patterson.

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Killing Me Softly (a short story)
by Tom Tuohy Short Story, Literary Fiction 14 Feb 2019
A veteran journalist who prides himself on his rational nature encounters an otherworldly presence with tragic consequences.

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Lobster on the side
by Tom Spencer Literary Fiction 30 Oct 2018
Two colleagues meet a client for a make-or-break lunch. Things are not quite as they expected... (Specific thoughts and feedback are all gratefully received. Particularly interested in thoughts on how to expand/develop the end of the story!)

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The Atenisti
by Aidan K. Morrissey Crime, Thriller 19 Apr 2019
A vigilante crosses two continents and five countries seeking justice and revenge...

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The Pirates that Time Forgot
by S I Richards Children's Fiction 19 Mar 2019
When fourteen-year-old Robert is involved in a plane crash, he finds himself on an uncharted island inhabited by bloodthirsty 18th century pirates, living their lives according to the pirate codes of that time.Robert soon learns that the Captain has a terrible secret... a secret that could mean life or death for Robert’s critically ill sister.

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Things Get Broken (a short story)
by Tom Tuohy Short Story, Literary Fiction 08 Jan 2019
When an American expat in Thailand gets the news that his Thai wife has given a chunk of their life savings away to man she says she once knew in her past life, their lives change forever.

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The Game in Sector 218
by A H Fry Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction 06 Apr 2018
140 years hence, humanity is governed by a network of Artificial Intelligence. One socially naive man, on an isolated planet where male and female communities live separately (but have sex robot companions), goes off-world to learn about fatherhood and real women and finds out a lot more about humanity and genuine intimacy.

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The Green Man
by Simon Totten Children's Fiction 12 Nov 2018
When ‘billy no mates, no hoper’ Alex Bowman discovers a mysterious old tramp who eats mice, belches butterflies, talks to birds and sows the seeds of ‘green ideas in children’s minds is sleeping rough in his Grandad’s allotment shed, his life and the world will never be the same again.

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You wrote love me
by Dan Stone Short Story, Action, Literary Fiction 13 Mar 2019
An experimental...surreal short story based on pulp fiction from the 1940's. A bestselling author struggles with the notorious second 'album'.

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Catlan's Tales
by Glyn Knowles Action, Mystery, General Fiction 29 Mar 2019
Set of stories told by the lead character, Catlan in the taverns of the island city-state of Dravnanost. The section included here is the second of the stories that Catlan tells as part of the book.

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The Walker chronicles
by Steve Snow Short Story, Historical, Fantasy 03 Apr 2019
I am Walker the undying, not undead, there is a difference, I feel pain, I breathe, I bleed and I am warm. There is no difference between me and you only I cannot die, for long. This time it was just 2 days, in the past it has been longer, it is never nice either the dying or awakening.

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