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In Dreams (Revised)
by Jillian Baker Novel, Romance, Teenage Fiction, Thriller, Womens Fiction, General Fiction 15 Nov 2017
Anna lost her love and her sight, all she has now are the dreams. When these stop, unsure of what's real & what's not, she goes searching for answers. What she finds is more than lies, much more. Having told the world his stepson is dead, Len's plan is to sell his organs on the blackmarket. Is she too late to save him.

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Sacred Seed
by Jeremy Rumfitt Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Thriller 15 Aug 2017
When the Sudarium Domini is stolen the Vatican calls in Alex Bowman to recover Christianity's most sacred and best document relic. But the Sudarium contains Christ's DNA and ancient DNA can be analysed and even replicated, and that could threaten the very survival of the Church.

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Dead Air
by Simon Totten Short Story, Science Fiction 13 Jun 2017
‘Nostradamus nightmares’ is a collection of dark prophecies, set in 2039. ‘Dead Air’ predicts a world in which pollution from traffic emissions has reached such a high level in the atmosphere, it’s poisoning people’s minds, turning them into maniacs with black eyes. The future of mankind is in serious peril.

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by Will Miller Novel, Thriller 20 Apr 2017
When Rachel hears her mother was discovered on a rubbish heap outside Bangkok, she wants revenge. Nouhou, a Liberian asylum-seeker in London, lost his legs after an assault on Monrovia. He still uses the black magic that made him nearly invincible on the battlefield. They seem doomed; until they find each other.

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Dark Vale
by William Baxter Crime, Literary Fiction, Novel, Thriller 05 Aug 2010
Dawson: late eighties graduate, mental drifter. To a dark intersection. An ‘execution’ and he’s the witness. And now he’s next. DCI Brent: going nowhere with a series of attacks. Until Dawson is nabbed. In steps the ESP brigade and he’s off the case. Brent turns spy because he knows something’s about to happen.

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Meeting Wolfie
by Sabine Muir Adventure, Children's Fiction, Comedy, Novel 16 Sep 2012
Matthew Walker is kidnapped by Internet hypnotist Diabolus and finds himself in a network of caves next to a rumbling volcano. He meets a young Wolfgang Mozart. With the help of scientist Dr. Gildenstein, the boys manage to escape. They are transported to Mozart’s home in 18th century Austria.

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The Domino Effect
by Stuart Warner Phelps Crime, Thriller 11 Aug 2017
A Detective Sergeant Towers crime story. Jane Grey slips into despair after problems at work. DS Towers becomes involved and is soon investigating a murder.

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The Look of Love
by Gilad Fogel Short Story, Crime 12 Sep 2017
A creepy little crime story

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Indian Summer
by June Morton Comedy, Gay/Lesbian Fiction, Romance, Womens Fiction, General Fiction 27 Jun 2017
Wife and mother Claudia Elliott has everything. Then a surprise awakening turns her world upside down. After painful rejection Claudia's quest for fulfillment leads her to working wife and mum, Jackie Foster. Does love conquer all? Or will the obstacles they have to overcome to be together stifle their passion?

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Forty Five Years Ago
by Garth Feschuk Comedy, Novel, Fantasy 19 Sep 2017
This is Nate. He thought he was a leprechaun. Then one day disaster, "son your not really a leprechaun." Join Nate on his very strange adventure.

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