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The SpellMakers' Revenge Ch1-4
by Chloe Mesanges Children's Fiction, Fantasy 15 Oct 2016
Twelve-year-old Elena is sent to stay with a grandmother she never knew she had. But what’s the secret her family is hiding? Why do children keep disappearing on their thirteenth birthday? As her own birthday approaches, she must ask the Witch in the woods for help before time runs out…

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Priscilla - Part 2
by Simon Gamblin Horror, Mystery, Thriller 28 Sep 2016
A small town at the mercy of an unknown killer. Priscilla is plagued by her visions. A story about love and beauty, and the beast within.

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Old Bones
by Shane Gladstone Novel 18 Aug 2016
Meet Ernie - a lonely Second World War veteran who has drifted through life since being demobbed. For Ernie, life has been unconventional and hard. But he's still here to tell his tale...

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The Pinstripe Prisoner
by Kelly Van Nelson Novel, General Fiction 16 Oct 2016
When Simon is released from jail, he flees post-apartheid South Africa. Using a fake identity, he becomes a fugitive in the technology industry in Scotland. This is the brutal, guilt-ridden journey of how an ordinary man develops a suicidal mind, and how friendship, love, and family set him free.

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The Last Two
by MAG Short Story, Literary Fiction, General Fiction 08 Jan 2017
A young reporter goes looking for a story and finds one more powerful than he could have imagined.

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The Garret Room
by Barry W Litherland Literary Fiction, Mystery, General Fiction 17 Dec 2016
Cyrus’s world imploded when Leah died and he was accused of her murder. When he is cleared he Cyrus sets out to discover the truth. The journey takes him from the grim streets of the Central Belt to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. He won't be stopped.

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by V KNOX Romance, Fantasy, General Fiction 30 Jan 2017
When death separates two children on the Titanic who were destined to marry, the ghost of the boy chooses to remain earthbound as the surviving girl’s invisible childhood companion in order to reach heaven. Finding a pair of lost shoes is their one chance to stay together.

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Joe Savage
by Barry W Litherland Literary Fiction, Novel, Thriller, General Fiction 05 Dec 2016
Joe has angered some dangerous people - nationalists intent on breaking the recent accord. His family is in danger. He can run or he can turn and fight. Whichever way there is a price to pay. Frightening sometimes, heart warming at others, Joe Savage faces a future that affects us all.

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Jane Grey
by Stuart Warner Phelps General Fiction 01 May 2016
Jane's breakdown open's a door onto intrigue, mystery and murder.

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