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The latest New Entries this month
The Castle of La Rocca
by Brent Smith Historical 20 Apr 2017
This is a chapter from a book I'm working on at the moment. It is not a stand-alone piece and I realise that it may have no plot to speak of, apart from what happens on the page. It is what it is, and it is here only for your criticism. Thank you all for your forbearance.

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Health and Safety Gone Sane
by Stuart Martin Short Story, Historical, General Fiction 31 May 2018
Ever thought – It’s health and safety gone mad? This cautionary memoir of health and safety in the eighties might make you think that’s not such a bad thing. All the main elements and incidents are true - honest. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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You me and he makes three
by Jane Carlton Short Story, General Fiction 27 Oct 2018
Sometimes there's more to a marriage breakdown than just the marriage.

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Gauging the Temperature
by Eamon O'Leary Short Story, General Fiction 10 Feb 2019
A sad little tale with hopefully a bit of humour thrown in. ( One story from an eclectic collection of short stories)

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Wrath of Athena
by Dale Cozort Action, Adventure, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, General Fiction 22 Apr 2016
(Note: contains no Greek goddesses-just a red-haired animal-trainer) A fly-by-night petting zoo flies between dimensions. When their breeding pair of dog-sized dinosaurs escape, both the zoo and the alternate reality the dinos escaped to are in deadly danger.

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Los Corales
by Manuela Davidovic Mystery, Novel, General Fiction 07 Nov 2018
What is going on at the hotel 'Los Corales' in Punta Cana? Who is in reality Fabrizio, Giovanni's business partner? Why can't Giovanni – one of the co-owners - sell his share? What is Elisa's strange illness caused by? Only Pablo, the hotel gardener, knows the answers to these questions.

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A Meeting of the Ivory Tower
by Mark Keane Short Story, Comedy, General Fiction 30 Jan 2019
A meeting of a UK university strategy committee. One member of the committee decides to take a stand. If somewhat farcical, it is not that far removed from the reality of the academic world. What does the so-called "Ivory Tower" of education actually represent?

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