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The latest New Entries this month
Every Silver Lining
by Stuart Martin Short Story, General Fiction 21 Sep 2017
Keith is forced to face difficult questions, and is surprised to find the process sharpens his appreciation of life. Based on the experiences of two dear friends. (I will always remember laughing with you).

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The Fragility of Meaning (Chapters 5 & 6)
by D L C Hanson Action, Adventure, Literary Fiction, General Fiction 02 Nov 2017
The Fragility of Meaning tells the stories of a group of complex characters who are connected by history, family, love and loss. Jeremiah drinks too much, hates his job and can’t please his girlfriend. Something has to change…

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Work-Life Balance (Rev)
by Stuart Martin Short Story, Thriller, General Fiction 19 Mar 2017
Karl Daugherty never takes his work into his daughter’s world. That is until a mysterious package and a voice from the past tear down the divide, putting his priorities to the test.

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by LCKellett Literary Fiction, Novel, Thriller, General Fiction 14 Feb 2017
Budding documentary, Sadie, joins secret member's club, The Shed, and is commissioned to make a documentary about the club. When Sadie accidentally leaves her camera rolling, she sees footage she wasn't meant to. Doing the right thing would mean betraying the club members. It would mean losing the only place where she's ever mattered.

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The Mirror Fixer
by Gilad Fogel Short Story, Mystery, Fantasy, General Fiction 02 Oct 2017
A young man covets the knowledge of a mysterious old man. A case of the sorcerer's apprentice

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Snow in the High Atlas
by Jeremy Rumfitt Action, Adventure, Crime, Novel, Thriller 01 Oct 2017
Harvey Lieberman is growing Erythroxylon Coca in Morocco's High Atlas mountains. It hasn't been done before, not on an industrial scale. So when the Colombian cartels find out about it, things are going to get very messy.

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