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The latest New Entries this month
Lacking Grace
by Stephanie Rouse Historical, Literary Fiction, Novel, General Fiction 26 Aug 2018
Grace is odd: she fantasises about being a widow and her only friend is imaginary. Committed to a mental hospital, her tendency to speak without thinking causes trouble. To be freed, to reclaim her children, she must face poisonous secrets. Only the voices in her head can help her now.

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The Green Man
by Simon Totten Children's Fiction 09 Jul 2017
Alex Bowman isn't sure what to make of the man sleeping rough in his Grandad’s allotment shed. Is he a homeless tramp? A wino? A mouse-munching bird freak? A filthy flasher? A burglar? A magician? By the time he discovers the truth, his life and the world will never be the same again.

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When You Wake Up
by LCKellett Literary Fiction, Thriller, General Fiction 03 May 2018
Everyone thinks Fern's brother, Raff, attempted suicide. Fern is convinced there's more to it. As Raff lies in hospital in a persistent vegetative state, Fern takes matters into her own hands. She has to find out who did this before it's too late, before whoever put Raff in hospital finds him and finishes him off.

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You Never Know
by Simon Totten Short Story, General Fiction 22 Sep 2017
On the morning Dog Rescuer, Lisa Fellowes has decided to kill herself, Muriel, an Angel of Death, arrives unexpectedly at her breakfast table with an order for the immediate collection of her soul and enough expert knowledge and vast experience to ensure that her suicide is a mere formality. What could possibly go wrong?

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An Ugly Blemish
by Hazel Peet Short Story, General Fiction 19 Feb 2018
A short story (one of 14) all relating to common situations that do not always have happy endings.

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by Suzanne Myers Mystery 17 Jul 2011
Deadline has been written on the crest of the millennium wave and concerns the human dilemmas and responsibilities related to one man’s discovery of something that will radically alter the perception and perhaps the course of human history. The hero archaeologist, Dr Tim Fiddler, is in effect a modern day Galileo.

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Ken, Doreen and Bernard
by BrianL Short Story, General Fiction 09 May 2013
Bernard spends a weekend with a friend who has recently married for the second time, but all is not well.

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Through The Glass Door
by Shirley Benson Action, Crime, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Novel, Womens Fiction, General Fiction 14 Jul 2018
Growing up in the Bronx of the 70's with a brutal father was hard. Three young brothers deal with the daily struggles. Their love and commitment to each other is a beacon of light in a dark place. What goes around sometimes comes around. They struggle daily hoping to make it out alive.

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Feeding the Borfimah - revised
by Will Miller Action, Literary Fiction, Thriller 31 Mar 2018
Rachel’s mother is found dead on a rubbish heap. She makes a fiery speech at a high-profile London reception and powerful people want her silenced. Nouhou was a child soldier who continues to use the black magic that once made him invincible, as the local London gangstas discover. Rachel is doomed, until Nouhou agrees to be her protection.

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