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Stuart Wise is 39 years old and lives in Kent, England. Since leaving school by 'mutual agreement' he has worked for more than twenty years in the Leisure industry and is now manager of a centre that focuses on disability sport.

As a child he was fascinated by Greek and Norse mythology and is an avid reader of fantasy fiction. Favorite authors include David Gemmell, David Eddings, Terry Brooks, Raymond E Feist and Robert Jordan amongst many others.

Having studied Creative Writing and Advanced Creative Writing with the Open University, Stuart has begun to write what he hopes will become a trilogy - 'The Tales of the Runners,' the first of which, 'Valeria's Gift' is well underway.

The 'Tales of the Runners' are designed to be crossover fiction, aimed at both adults and children from 11 years and is for people who like their fantasy to be sword and sorcery, rather than beautiful vampires.

In his spare time, Stuart reviews Fantasy Fiction from a number of different publishers for

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Tales of the Runners 19 Jul 2011


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