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A green-pea at this writing malarky, I am willing to jump ahead putting on paper what comes naturally in blissful ignorance; most of my writing skills have been gained in the USA. Now attempting a sequel to a trilogy, 'see what I mean about Jumping ahead,' I have hopefully learnt enough to accomplish some recognition as a competent writer. So allow me to introduce you to the characters of my Bolder Tartan, a leap of faith, you could say, who will shine on you I hope, and if one manages to dazzle you, then enjoy the ride.
I am from an Ulster Scottish background and was born to parents of English and Scottish blood; The Belfast City hospital heard me spanked in April 1956, and have never lived it down since. By the time I was a teenager, I had not moved ahead in terms of what I was good at, and to say life was any less of a roller coaster, would be inadequate. This was the beginning of the troubles of our six counties, and my life you'll notice, has been varied and shaped by those events. Leaving secondary education I realized how important those O'and A'Levels were and went back for further education to make up for what I neglected. Four brothers was a huge distraction and none the less managed to get to University as a mature student with euro languages as my subject matter. I hope you'll enjoy a departure from the usual monotone and often stereotypical Belfast characters we often read.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
One Mouth- Two Bold Tongues 02 Sep 2017
2nd chapter BOLD TARTAN OF ULSTER vol [1] 27 Feb 2017
BOLD TARTAN OF ULSTER vol [1] 04 Dec 2014
A Bolder Tartan, rule. 05 Nov 2014


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