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Date Registered: 25 September 2007

Author's Biography

My name is Richard Dowling, I was born in London and grew up in Camden Town/Primrose Hill. After completing a degree in English Literature, I worked as a copywriter, winning a couple of awards, and a few grey hairs! I decided to up and move to Spain with my girlfriend where we now enjoy a less stressed lifestyle in the sleepy (and mildly chaotic) town of La Coruña.

I've written three screenplays (where I learned the basics of story and plot), some short stories, (one of which got published online in Quantum Muse), and a play, 'The Knocknameen Belter'--currently doing the rounds at theatre slush piles throughout the U.K..

¡Shake Off! is my second novel. The first one, well, let's not talk about that. . . I'm also working on a collection of thematically linked short stories.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
¡SHAKE OFF! 02 Aug 2008
Prism 24 Apr 2008


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