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Date Registered: 30 November 2007

Author's Biography

Hello all, I was born in the Netherlands in 1972 and moved to the UK in 2005. Bang! Culture shock! One of the good things here though is the value that people place on stories and writers, and it was through meeting like-minded people that I found this website.

Besides a number of short stories, I am currently writing a novel called A New Page. It is about an Englishwoman who struggles to escape the kind of life that her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother have lived before her. When she meets a Korean who has tried his utmost to adapt to the kind of life she wants to avoid, this leads to another culture clash. Well, I reckon sometimes culture clashes can be good...

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
A New Page 07 Mar 2008
The Dawning 03 Dec 2007


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