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Date Registered: 7 March 2008

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For my sins I've been a journalist near enough all my life and for most of those years my favourite read has been a newspaper or magazine.
Only in recent years have I taken more to picking up books and realized just how different an animal they are, not only for reading but also writing.
While I occasionally get comments like "what are you doing, putting a travelogue on this site?" most people, thankfully, accept it as just another form of writing a book.
It's just that in my case I'm used to facts (believe it or not) and not into inventing scenes.
Basically, I'm posting on here to seek honest feedback on what you think works in these chapters and what doesn't.
That's what I aim for in my own reviews of others' work.
Best of luck with the writing.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
On the road to Damascus 08 Oct 2018
Peeping behind the faded curtain 16 Jun 2018
On the road to Damascus 17 Mar 2018
A tale of two islands 23 Jul 2015
Global Wandering/Don't Fly with Me Argentinas 01 May 2015
Global Wandering/Doing the 10erC Waltz 07 Jul 2014
Global Wandering/ Took a Thai Tuk-tuk -Revised 07 Dec 2013


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