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Date Registered: 8 April 2006

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I am a 38 year-old Glaswegian, untrained in the literary arts, and I've had a couple of careers so far.
I used to think I was a musician, but really ...
My first job after dropping out of uni for the third time (my mother is so proud!) was pulling pints, and I enjoyed life as a barman in a number of Glasgow's finest drinking establishments for several years. It's a good life, as long as you don't mind the terrible wages and complete lack of career prospects, but, by my mid-twenties, I inexplicably found myself hankering after something slightly more fulfilling.
Through a casual acquaintance (from the pub, naturally), I was introduced to the world of social care - more specifically, supporting adults with learning disabilities. It turned out I was quite good at this, or so I'm told, and that's what I've been doing more or less ever since.
I managed to become a senior manager with a large voluntary organisation a few years ago. Eventually, constant battles with social workers about funding, and support workers about the importance of actually turning up for a shift, started to get to me and I did a runner.
I went back to pint-pulling for a while, but eventually saw sense and, last year, returned to the social care fold.
The hours are awful and the money's rubbish, but apart from that I'm quite enjoying it.
My first experiences of writing were penning song lyrics and music for various bands, smatterings of which can be found heading the chapters of WYLMT (the fact that I'm already abbreviating it suggests that the title may be too long).
I reckon that my many years spent seeking out failure and misery in the music world should have prepared me well for life as an unsuccessful author. So here goes . . .

Update: WYLMT has now been published! You can find it on Amazon if you fancy a look:

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Scratch ch 1-3, revised 11 Jul 2008
Stalk and Cheese 05 Feb 2008
Scratch (ch 4-8) 16 May 2007
What Gives 07 May 2007
Scratch (Ch 1-3) 03 Jan 2007
It's Not About You 08 Nov 2006
Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Ch 1-4) 03 Jul 2006


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