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Date Registered: 7 August 2013

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I am a fifty-eight year old father of three. My day job is maintaining/switching High Voltage systems, which often disrupts my writing.
After toying with the idea of writing a book for many years, something happened in my life, nothing of Biblical proportions, but it changed me and gave me the drive to actually follow it through, and I really enjoyed the challenge.
That was nine years ago. Now I simply write books and stories of the type I like to read. I don’t know what that says about me?
I write for pleasure, but aspire to improve my writing and one day, like most writers on YWO, hope to have a piece published.
Stuart Martin

Book Chapters

This author has uploaded the following book chapters. To view a book, click on the book title.

Title Date Uploaded
Health and Safety Gone Sane 31 May 2018
Every Silver Lining 21 Sep 2017
Mantra of Honesty 31 Aug 2017
Deserve 25 May 2017
Work-Life Balance (Rev) 19 Mar 2017
Molly, Barney, Sledgehammer Sid and the Deacon. 17 Feb 2017
Good Reason 30 Jan 2017
Paternal Instinct 01 Nov 2016
Tarn Tales 25 Jul 2016
Zero Tolerance (Rev) 01 May 2016
The Chrysalis Covenant (Rev) 04 Apr 2016
Mandate 08 Feb 2016
A Tragic Opportunity (Rev) 12 Dec 2015
Chrysalis Corporation (Restructured) 22 May 2015
Zero Tolerance 01 Mar 2015
Wanted Birthday Present (Reworked) 07 Sep 2014
Trust Issues (Revised) 16 Jun 2014


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