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Author Profile: Facing 50 << Back

User Id: Facing 50

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Date Registered: 28 May 2011

Author's Biography

An ex-linguist and author of award-winning and Number 1 Best-Seller 'Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines'.

Having spent the last decade trying out all sorts of new challenges such as kick boxing, diving and flying helicopters Carol is putting her time to good use by learning to paint, attempting to teach herself Russian and writing a series of novels and articles which take a humorous look at getting older.

She is currently putting the finishing touches to Surfing in Stilettos, the sequel to her light-hearted debut novel, Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, much to the dismay of her permanently neglected husband who will once again have to put up with ready-made meals and a dusty house.

More information about Carol can be found at

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Surfing in Stilettos 30 Apr 2012
Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines 28 May 2011


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