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User Id: BS Murthy

Email Address: Private

Date Registered: 26 September 2009

Author's Biography

Born 27 Aug 1948 in India, BS Murthy forayed into the fictional arena in 1994 with the conviction that for a novel to impact its readers it must be the soulful tale of a people steeped in their native soil, and not a hotch-potch of characters assembled in makeshift tents laid with cross cultural pegs.

Beginning with Benign Flame, he penned two more plot and character driven novels, Jewel-less Crown and Crossing the Mirage before switching over to narrative non-fiction with Puppets of Faith: theory of communal strife. After versifying the Sanskrit epics, Vyasa’s Bhagvad-Gita as treatise of self-help ( and and Valmiki’s Sundara Kãnda as Hanuman's Odyssey( and into English and shaping two stage plays, Slighted Souls and Men at Work on Women at Work, he returned to fiction with Glaring Shadow in the stream of consciousness mode and Prey on the Prowl, a crime novel. In between, he had essayed Addendum to ‘Evolution: Origins of the world by Eastern Speculative Philosophy’ published in The Examined Life On-Line Philosophical Journal, Vol. 05 Issue 18. Besides, he has the satisfaction of having made his first six works available though to a limited number of readers through self-publishing.

While at a review, he realizes that the pace and structure of a book are dictated by its unique plot, the grasp of which might elude a given word-count. He sees novel as an exploration of the human condition in a society at a given time through the thoughts, actions and interactions of the characters. He takes the works on this site as they come, and if he finds in them any thought provoking ideas or stimulating expressions, he believes in letting the writers know about the same for he reckons that is

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Prey on the Prowl 12 Jan 2010
Glaring Shadow 13 Dec 2009
Dilemma of Destiny 28 Nov 2009
Crossing the Mirage 15 Nov 2009
Roopa's Reprieve 21 Oct 2009
Jewel-less Crown 27 Sep 2009
Benign Flame 26 Sep 2009


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