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My name is Alf Fry. British citizen but New Zealand resident for 52 of my 60 years, acutely aware of how precious are clean air and water, healthy soil, energising natural surroundings, being able to connect with sea and mountain and bright sunshine. Deeply concerned that many people have less and less access to peak experiences involving connection with nature, access to genuine wilderness, so that these experiences are no longer known to many and therefore not valued.

In writing science fiction, I like to start with a really unlikely premise (such as in 'Innocents' where I imagine a world where adults don't know that sex is involved in reproduction and a whole generation has had no offspring) then make that premise thoroughly credible to the reader, to engage them in the unfolding plot in which the characters work within their strange culture. I have written in the voice of an alien author - in 'Where-Stand-All', which is written in an unmodern style which will initially seem alien to the reader - either drawing you in through its alien character or turning you off. In 'Where-Stand-All', I develop the culture of an alien species where children grow to independence in several days and live with other children until they experience a brief transition to adulthood, involving a sexual frenzy. The males and females of this species also have distinct mental capacities - the females being adept at language and rational thought, the males having capacity to mind-share and glimpse the future. So their societies have to acknowledge and work with these actual, biologically-based differences.

I am a counselling psychologist and have been exposed to many real stories. I am interested in intimacy and the different ways we avoid it or manage it and celebrate it. I work with trauma, often relating to sexual assault or abuse and all its ramifications. I would like to encourage people to think and talk with acceptance and confidence about their sexuality.

Book Chapters

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Title Date Uploaded
Holly and Rebekah Nov 2018 revision 08 Nov 2018
Postcards - 2018 tweak 07 Oct 2018
The Game in Sector 218 06 Apr 2018
Being Tim's Secret Life 26 Aug 2017
Henry Smith: Networld 04 Jan 2017
Where-Stand-All: Episodes in the Foundation of Hodrin Civilization (Feb 2015 tweak) 01 Feb 2015
Holly and Rebekah Oct 2014 rewrite 21 Oct 2014
Erina (Aug 2014 revision) 02 Aug 2014
The Transmission 12 Apr 2014
Innocents (upgrade, Nov 2012) 17 Nov 2012
Postcards (Dec 2011 revamp) 03 Dec 2011
Where-Stand-All: Episodes in the Foundation of Hodrin Civilization - October 2011 revision 20 Oct 2011


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